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Streets to Sheets Animal Rescue Under New Leadership After Funds In

Excess of $200,000 missing at helm of previous Executive Director.

May 4, 2020 (Waxahachie, TX)

  On April 30th, 2020 an Emergency Executive Session was held by current board members in compliance with Texas Corporation Law. With counsel present, the board unanimously voted in favor for the immediate termination and dismissal of Mysti Boehler from her position as President and Executive Director of Streets to Sheets Animal Rescue.  Other volunteers and managers with access to charitable assets were also terminated.  The emergency decision came after it was discovered that charitable contributions were being solicited and collected into the personal bank account of the president and funds in excess of $200,000 are unaccounted for since 2016.  The prior President/Executive Director also single handedly filed a false claim against Mutts & Mayhem Emergency Search and Rescue in 2018 and we have discovered that several of the witness statements from Streets to Sheets were forged and fabricated in order to support the false claim, costing Mutts & Mayhem Emergency Search and Rescue over $49,000.  The Streets to Sheets board of directors never authorized such litigation and we believe the frivolous claim was filed by the president on behalf of Streets to Sheets for personal financial gain with hopes of a quick financial settlement.  Streets to Sheets did not incur any legal expenses because the president was able to obtain pro bono counsel to pursue the frivolous lawsuit. We also discovered that animals were adopted without proper vetting, state required vaccination’s, and spay/neuter surgeries.  Animals were also transported across state lines and adopted without ever receiving proper medical care, required documentation, and two of the animals were critically ill.  The adopters have now come forward as documented whistle-blowers.   Board members had a legal obligation to investigate and prosecute the offenders once the evidence was presented to the board, an obligation to take an active stance and regain control over charitable assets, and to report criminal misconduct to the proper authorities.  The criminal conduct of Misappropriation of Charitable Funds, Aggravated Perjury, Forgery, and Obstruction of Justice has since been reported to the Ellis County Sheriff‘s office, the Texas Attorney General, the FBI, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Texas Marshals.  The Streets to Sheets Board of Directors has complete faith in the Texas judicial system and we hope to seek complete justice on behalf of our generous donors, the trusting public, and all of the animals that have suffered in the process. Prior to 4/30/2020, intimidation and manipulation prevented existing board members and volunteers from serving in their fiduciary capacities and speaking up when they noticed red flags regarding the handling of charitable funds and other significant issues within operations.  We have now legally restructured the board and leadership to adhere to Texas corporate laws and to oversee future assets and the animals who are still owned and cared for by Streets to Sheets.   Streets to Sheets Animal Rescue’s Board of Directors is now being led by rescue co-founder and President Jennifer Garcia.   The Board of Directors will provide strong governance over charitable assets, policies, and honor the original mission of Streets to Sheets Animal Rescue.  Special emphasis will be placed on the goal of transfer and/or  adoption of the existing animals in the custody and care of Streets to Sheets, and then we will work diligently to actively dissolve the organization and all of its charitable assets. Upon disillusion, all remaining charitable assets (monetary and in-kind) will be transferred to a 501c3 charitable organization.    At this time, board members, officers, and volunteers are being held to a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement and will not be making any statements or comment; publicly or privately, at this time. The Board of Directors, officers, volunteers, and other vital witnesses have been in full cooperation with the authorities.   If anyone has any information that might be pertinent to the investigation, we encourage you to please contact us at and the information will be directed to the proper authorities.   Streets to Sheets Animal Rescue desperately needs your help and support in order to satisfy existing debt, care for and provide vetting for the existing animals in our possession, and to find them forever homes.  Proper governance and procedures are now in place to ensure the security and appropriate use of charitable funds. You may make a tax-deductible charitable contribution via the link below and no amount is too small. We are forever grateful for your support! Click to download a copy of the Executive Session Meeting Minutes from 04/30/2020 LINK to Mutts and Mayhem Emergency Search and Rescue’s Press Release 5/17/2020
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